Ann Patchett's State of Wonder, a Book Review

The Amazon connection...

I first stumbled upon Ann Patchett's superbly written State of Wonder while listening to a book on tape titled "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert, in which Elizabeth herself describes the almost unbelievable connection between her story idea and Ann's book State of Wonder. It seemed like such a crazy coincidence I couldn't resist checking out Ann's State of Wonder myself and as it turns out I was hooked within the first few pages.

Deeper and deeper we go...

It is a fiction based piece with science and medicine tied into the premise set against the fascinating Amazon jungle where we are introduced into the world of pharmaceutical companies and the search for the next great "cure" drug. We first meet our main character Marina in Minnesota working at the Vogel company, though we eventually find ourselves wandering into the Amazon in search for answers over another employees mysterious death. 

As Marina wandered deeper into the Amazon jungle I found myself getting more deeply involved in the plot, with each twist and turn I wanted to know more what was going on and couldn't put the book down at times. I needed to read further to find out, and get some answers only to be further intrigued when Marina came up against another obstacle.

Wonder indeed!

As a reader, I am always looking for books that can draw me from the start and keep me reading to the very last page, and have found it in Ann Patchett's "State of Wonder". Along with a great plot, is a cast of characters that keep you as the reader engaged with what's going on and how Marina is adapting to rainforests climate. Ann Patchett's writing style and relatable characters made this an easy read, also one I would recommend to anyone looking to escape into the Amazon without the bugs, humidity and hazards of actually being there.


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