A Magazine Review of Knitting for Beginners

The Go To Magazine Any Beginner Knitter Should Look Into Getting 

One look at my well used copy of Knitting for Beginners magazine and you'll surely realize that it's got it's fair share of usage. From the marked, dog eared and post-noted pages to the definite worn crease on the spine; my copy of the magazine -which really could be considered more of a book- has definitely become a go-to manual.

One I've had since starting to knit in February and kept amongst my knitting needles, extra yarn and other knitting magazines for inspiration- which you or I could find anywhere- but Knitting for Beginner's is more provides more than just that, because amongst it's pages lies invaluable how-to's tips, tricks and different stitches along with a glossary of terms when feeling stuck. Which makes it's an essential resource for any one to have- whether you already know the basics or not- looking to learn some new stitches or are starting from scratch this magazine has…

Knitting with Cotton Yarn

My Thoughts and Review on Using Cotton versus. Wool Yarn... so far!

After feeling becoming pretty confident with my knitting skills using wool yarn I decided it was time to try something new and take on a knitting project that calls for cotton yarn. After all, a girl can only work on one major project for so long before wanting to explore and conquer new challenges.

This weeks particular project was in making two small dish clothes using a cotton yarn in Neptune Ombre. I chose these colours because they remind me of the mountains with greens being like the trees, blues representative of the sky and lakes, while white resembles the white peaks of snow covered mountains.

First Impressions:

At first glance, cotton yarn looks like any other typical skein sold until you give it a closer look and feel. As the cotton has a more stiffer feel and string like look to it which is best for more durable and house ware knits such as the dish cloths I've made (in the image below) because regular …

The Top 10 Things Every Beginning Baker Should Know (Part 1)

Becoming an experienced baker myself over the course of two years I have learned a lot about baking and what it can teach any curious soul willing to try it out. Many of these lessons I've already written on in past posts but have decided to combine all those lessons in this one post to make it an easy one stop read through for any reassurances or tips fellow bakers may be interested in hearing or knowing about. From one baker to another- this is for you:

The Rules of Bake Club: 1. Do it for yourself because it is something you enjoy and want to share (not for other's approval): This could probably be considered a common lesson in many of my recipes but especially those that I've tried out for the first time on family and most recently. I've always enjoyed the process of baking- it's very therapeutic to simply follow along and come out with something delicious after trying a new recipe but somethings it can be hard not to look for that confirmation/approval from ot…

The Top Ten Things Every Beginner Baker Should Know (Part 2)

This is a continuation of Part 1: The Top Ten Things Every Beginner Baker Should Know, and the final five tips of that list. Seeing how the last list got a little long, I decided to break it into two parts so it's easier to read and hopefully follow. Also these tips may be more practical and simpler when it comes to the actual application of baking:
Final Rules of Bake Club: 6. Sometimes recipes won't specific what the temperature the butter should be at when incorporating into recipes. Most will though- i.e. let butter softened at room temperature or melt butter in microwave. If it doesn't though and the recipe calls for butter in frosting the general understanding is that it's easier to mix in with the other ingredients if it is at room temperature soft before adding in other ingredients and mixing.

7. If the recipe specifics both systems of measurement (i.e. grams and teaspoons) chose one and stick with it for all ingredients because the conversions may not be exact…

Further Lessons in Creativity and Experimenting in Pastels

An Update into What I've Been Doing and Notes on a Fresh Start! (P.S. This is mainly for myself)  It feels good to be back after not posting in a while. There is lots to catch-up on and that I want to write about even for my own self that seems worth noting.

First off I intentionally chose to take it easy in May as far as any new or big projects. There was a lot I had to deal with and survive during that time that putting the extra pressure on myself won't and just didn't make sense. It wasn't easy, with creativity always being a great outlet for myself and the ability to express or want to express my experiences having to say "you know what this isn't the time to worry about this" but it was the best thing for me to do at the time. Doing so allowed me to recuperate and get the added rest I needed after the month's rough start and made moving forward easier.

Now occasionally I was able to do a bit of creating during that time, for instance I learned …

Adventures in Gardening

Lessons in Creativity and Gardening; and the Connection between the Two! I hadn't realized this until taking a good look at my struggling plants desperately in need of water and my squelched recent creativity that there is a connection between the two, and that is both need to be cultivated. I've learned through taking care of the greenery that by doing this it's not just one type of care for all plants- each has it's own type of care instructions and therefore needs to be tended to differently. For some plants- such as succulents, they don't take as much care or water- whereas others like flowering plants need a little more TLC and sunshine. Both in the end need these three things from you: love, a certain level of commitment to keep happy, and most importantly patience.

I've learned through the years that being creative takes similar efforts and considerations to grow our gardens as it does to cultivate a creative life. When first starting out it can take qu…

A Quote to Help Inspire Creative Journeys

"The Creative Mind Plays with Objects it Loves"~ Carl Jung Given the fun and light-hearted experience of this year I thought this would be a great quote to pass onto any intrepid and curious creatives out there to inspire your own adventures and endeavours in creativity as it has inspired me. What I like best is that it hints that being creative is best as a "fun" "light-hearted" experience or exploration because the creative mind plays with what it loves; not studies, perfects, or beats oneself up over but rather plays with those things. It has served as a good reminder to me that my project (the Creative Challenge) is a fun thing, and therefore something not to take too seriously or beat myself up if things don't go exactly as planned because it's supposed to be fun and playful thing.
Although it can be hard to remember in the midst of trying to figure things out, plan, fit everything in, get everything in on schedule and make it a huge success …