A Magazine Review of Knitting for Beginners

The Go To Magazine Any Beginner Knitter Should Look Into Getting 

One look at my well used copy of Knitting for Beginners magazine and you'll surely realize that it's got it's fair share of usage. From the marked, dog eared and post-noted pages to the definite worn crease on the spine; my copy of the magazine -which really could be considered more of a book- has definitely become a go-to manual.

One I've had since starting to knit in February and kept amongst my knitting needles, extra yarn and other knitting magazines for inspiration- which you or I could find anywhere- but Knitting for Beginner's is more provides more than just that, because amongst it's pages lies invaluable how-to's tips, tricks and different stitches along with a glossary of terms when feeling stuck. Which makes it's an essential resource for any one to have- whether you already know the basics or not- looking to learn some new stitches or are starting from scratch this magazine has it all for you (even how to add embellishments like buttons and frills onto your latest projects!)

Aside from that there's a full section at the back explaining how to read yarn labels which I have found important to know a few times, colouring pairings as well as a glossary of knitting abbreviations such as SSK (short for Slip Slip Knit) and k2tog (knit 2 together) that you can look up at any stage in your knitting. It also holds a great select of patterns and projects of varying skill levels to help test out your new skills.

I cannot say enough about this magazine, and how great a guide it is for anyone either looking to start knitting or continue on building their skills.

Happy Reading,

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