A Quote to Help Inspire Creative Journeys

"The Creative Mind Plays with Objects it Loves"~ Carl Jung

Given the fun and light-hearted experience of this year I thought this would be a great quote to pass onto any intrepid and curious creatives out there to inspire your own adventures and endeavours in creativity as it has inspired me. What I like best is that it hints that being creative is best as a "fun" "light-hearted" experience or exploration because the creative mind plays with what it loves; not studies, perfects, or beats oneself up over but rather plays with those things. It has served as a good reminder to me that my project (the Creative Challenge) is a fun thing, and therefore something not to take too seriously or beat myself up if things don't go exactly as planned because it's supposed to be fun and playful thing.

Although it can be hard to remember in the midst of trying to figure things out, plan, fit everything in, get everything in on schedule and make it a huge success which is not entirely what starting creative projects is all about. It's about the fun and enjoyment of doing something new and creative which can get lost in all the nitty gritty details of diving into something new but doesn't have to. That's why it's important to find ways/words that help remind us to relax and realize once more the fun, playfulness of being creative. Whatever it is/whatever works must help set us back along the light-hearted way of being creative instead of frantically stressing over it, getting frustrated then wanting to give it all up, throwing in the towel over a mishap or when things don't go our way.  Much like my quote that has served as a reminder to slow down and savour the experiences I've started in a playful way. Also that our creative minds are like little curious children who don't like working too hard, or stressing out over things going as planned it simply wants to play and do what it loves, acting as a reminder if we are taking our work too seriously then maybe it's time to take a break and invite play back into our creative lives.

I hope that the quote "the creative mind plays with objects it loves" helps positively inspire your creative journey as it did mine. Or perhaps, there's another quote/mantra/reminder to have fun in our creative journey when we start to beat ourselves up or things don't go exactly as planned. I'd be interested to find out what inspires you to be creative, so please feel free to comment below. 

Best of Luck,

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