Adventures in Gardening

Lessons in Creativity and Gardening; and the Connection between the Two!

I hadn't realized this until taking a good look at my struggling plants desperately in need of water and my squelched recent creativity that there is a connection between the two, and that is both need to be cultivated. I've learned through taking care of the greenery that by doing this it's not just one type of care for all plants- each has it's own type of care instructions and therefore needs to be tended to differently. For some plants- such as succulents, they don't take as much care or water- whereas others like flowering plants need a little more TLC and sunshine. Both in the end need these three things from you: love, a certain level of commitment to keep happy, and most importantly patience.

I've learned through the years that being creative takes similar efforts and considerations to grow our gardens as it does to cultivate a creative life. When first starting out it can take quite a lot of patience in gaining confidence in yourself as a creative and finding your voice- this is an ongoing process that like a plant growing from seed takes time to sprout up and flower. It won't grow any faster by being rushed or pressured like the old adage goes "nature cannot be rushed." Even more so while we are waiting for inspiration after our "creative roots" have run dry and bare.

 So must we know that in time and at the right moments those bursts of inspiration will come to us if we just wait and are patient. It can be frustrating (I know) to wait for the time to be right or to feel uninspired. I've experienced it for myself recently in not being able to do as much creatively. My spirits were down and I became hard on myself as the result. Instead of being compassionate when I needed it most on myself and allowing a rest period to take place I was trying to force it, which never works. Until I looked at my plants and realized "we're not so different my plants and I" in fact they've become pretty good teachers of compassion and patience in many regards. Every day I tend to them I am taught a lesson in being patient, and am also reminded to take it easy on myself. Gardening is a delicate process for most and for this gardener creative has proven an important in inspiring her own lessons in creativity and individual growth. So shine brightly towards the light, only take on what you can and continuously cultivate creativity and growth!

For now, creatively inspired and ready for new growth:

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