Further Lessons in Creativity and Experimenting in Pastels

An Update into What I've Been Doing and Notes on a Fresh Start! (P.S. This is mainly for myself) 

It feels good to be back after not posting in a while. There is lots to catch-up on and that I want to write about even for my own self that seems worth noting.

First off I intentionally chose to take it easy in May as far as any new or big projects. There was a lot I had to deal with and survive during that time that putting the extra pressure on myself won't and just didn't make sense. It wasn't easy, with creativity always being a great outlet for myself and the ability to express or want to express my experiences having to say "you know what this isn't the time to worry about this" but it was the best thing for me to do at the time. Doing so allowed me to recuperate and get the added rest I needed after the month's rough start and made moving forward easier.

Now occasionally I was able to do a bit of creating during that time, for instance I learned a valuable lesson about what measures to use and how weight measures vary from cup, tsp, and tbsp measures in making a chocolate Mother's Day cake (pictured below), I also was able to fit in one attempt at my pastels trying my hand at yet another a sunrise (also below and to the left) but that was about it. No pressure, no worries and no more stress was exactly what I need to get back through and back into it in June.

The not quite right Mother's Day cake, May 14 2017

And an earnest attempt at a sunrise, May 24 2017,

Since then  it's been full speed ahead in bold new ways- one being this creative has attempted to change things up herself. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes I'm moving forward with a new even more determined spirit and inspiration from my new do. This though, may be a completely different blog post for later. To sum up I also have a new added inspiration to try new conquests in creativity.  I am no longer who once was, now I'm Me 2.0- still some of the original but better and more determined to continue learning and creating.

Here's Proof!

Later attempt at another sunrise, June 3rd
And latest "masterpiece" we'll call it Fairy Lake, June 11
I have been diligently learning and working up the courage to continue learning pastels, a early birthday gift from my Grandma was learn how pastel books which are a great inspiration and help in developing my hand at the medium. There is so much to be gained through looking at books, and helpful to know you can go back and re-read on the techniques that may take some practice. For example how to do the right type of blending when creating a sunrise or sunset, and figuring out the right colours to use. Such as this interesting fact that when doing sunsets go for more warm colours such as oranges, yellows, pinks and reds but when doing a sunrise try cooler colours. I haven't quite got this skill down pat but I'm learning and getting there. Here's my attempt at a pastel sunrise (pictured right) and my latest "masterpiece" of a favourite exploring spot near where I live this I've employed cross hatching, a amateur attempt at doing reflections and of course more blending, but despite all that I'm quite pleased with!

With the first few weeks of June, off to a great start I'm hopeful to continue this creative momentum going forward- trying new pastel techniques and exploring some fresh new summer recipes!  Wish me luck!

Kreative Kylie

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