Knitting with Cotton Yarn

My Thoughts and Review on Using Cotton versus. Wool Yarn... so far!

After feeling becoming pretty confident with my knitting skills using wool yarn I decided it was time to try something new and take on a knitting project that calls for cotton yarn. After all, a girl can only work on one major project for so long before wanting to explore and conquer new challenges.

This weeks particular project was in making two small dish clothes using a cotton yarn in Neptune Ombre. I chose these colours because they remind me of the mountains with greens being like the trees, blues representative of the sky and lakes, while white resembles the white peaks of snow covered mountains.

First Impressions:

At first glance, cotton yarn looks like any other typical skein sold until you give it a closer look and feel. As the cotton has a more stiffer feel and string like look to it which is best for more durable and house ware knits such as the dish cloths I've made (in the image below) because regular yarn will not hold up to the wear and tear of being used.

Working with:

Casting on using the right needles (4.5 mm or 7 U.S.) was a cinch and upon starting the first few row I immediately noticed having better control of the yarn with each stitch which meant less worry over all on missing stitches or any accidentally falling off while knitting. Although if you plan on napping while working on any knitting project my recommendation is to be sure all your stitches are on one needle and your progress is safely tucked away.


It was a great project which took me two days (a day for each cloth) to complete and gave me the confidence to take on more elaborate or skillful knits using cotton wool. I also enjoyed revealing the different colours of each row as I knit which makes multi-coloured yarns great for beginners just getting the feel of following and creating stitches while creating that multicoloured effect without having to master the complicated technique of incorporating separate balls of wool.

Yarn Details:
Yarnspirations by: BERNAT
1 Ball Cotton in Neptune Ombre, Medium 4

Knitting Needles:
4.5 (as suggested)

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