A Lesson in Making Tarts and Patience!

Exploration into Making and Baking Tarts:

Recipe from The Messy Baker cookbook/baking book, pg. 138, look under the Sloppy Section of the book

While I did it. Finally I began my foray from cakes and cookies to pastry making starting with tarts. Although for my first recipe -Raspberry Butter tarts- I went with store bought pastry shells being shore on time, and a little intimidated on the process. Next time though I'll try it out. Anyways, they were delicious and the recipe was surprisingly easy to follow.  I've already decided it's one I would make again! (More on my thoughts, and review of this in another post)

There is however an important lesson I'll share out of this experience and that is in baking patience is a key ingredient/step to follow.

No matter how delicious they are smelling or impatient we may be if you want successful tarts or anything else it's best to wait. Now this has never been my strong suit with anything- waiting for Christmas, for people or in this case baking- soon has never come soon enough as each case has always tested my willpower on that. Similarly to waking up on Christmas morning and wanting to peak down the stairs to see what is awaiting at the bottom of the tree I can't help but want to peak inside the oven as it bakes. Anxiously awaiting when it comes time to take my baking out of my oven.

You would think that through experience in the kitchen and as a baker I'd realize that everything will be fine but the baking smelled soo good and I was hungry. So this lesson on patience was even harder than before. Hopefully I'm not the only baker out there that faces these concerns. Oh well. In the end the filling tasted delicious and settled even with the soft tart shells everyone enjoyed the dessert and I learned a valuable lesson in patience.  The moral of the story is: Always wait for the timer to go off before taking baking out, that is if you want pastry shells to hold up when being devoured and your baking to be edible. 

Best of luck in your baking endeavours,
From: The Other Messy Baker (Kylie), and Impatient Pastry Chef (Kylie)

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