Diving deeper into Creativity

Insight Through a Workshop: 

Motivating the Creative Mind, by MindShift Ninja. (Review to follow)

Diving right into my theme of being creative and learning about it throughout the year I decided to checkout a workshop on the subject this past weekend.  With the year well into January and me into my Creative Challenge both in reading/learning and doing it, it seemed like a great opportunity to hear a new perspective on the creative process, how it works and strategies to help us become more comfortable with it. After all, just as I have signed up to be open on trying different ways of creating it's just as fair to be open to different perspectives on how this process can work.

Though I'll admit that I was hesitant at first to go, that perhaps could be explained in disbelief. A disbelief that I actually had the chance to say "yes" and go, that it seemed like some creative force or perhaps it was my own creative genius was pulling all the strings, making sure everything that needed to be in place for me to take this opportunity was there. I didn't have to work, had no other commitments with friends or family, and here's the "Wow! I can't believe this" part it was on the very subject I'm exploring this year CREATIVITY. Can you believe that? 

I couldn't and perhaps that's why I hesitated, it seemed too good to be true. There had to be some catch to it all. Some reason why it would be tricky to pull off... but there wasn't. It harder to deny how perfect it seemed to suit me. After all there have been other opportunities previously that I have had to miss out on that perhaps weren't for me- or may have been- but given all evidence pointing towards YES! this one  was and had a huge "K" marked on it I couldn't deny the fact that it was one to attend. So I decided to mark it on my calendar Sunday January 15th- Creativity Workshop and went early that day armed with a pencil and notebook to take notes, ready to jot down as much as my hands could gather and to listen intently to what the experts were sharing. Sitting there listening, I knew that was exactly where I was meant to be. They shared so much good, relatable but more importantly useful information that by the end my brain was frantically processing it all and ready put it to good use. I left inspired and motivated to continue work and planning on my own creative journey with new knowledge and tools at hand. Not to mention my creative genius/geniuses to thank!

Hope you find this as curious as I did, or insightful
For now,
The Curious Creator (Kylie)

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