Thoughts on January's Creative Challenge-

A "Yum"-clamation of my month of baking and cooking (so far)

Hello everyone! Can you believe it's the end of January?!? I can't, it seems time has flown by while I've been busy baking, writing, learning and having fun. Keeping in mind that it has been a new project which has taken some creative thought to figure out what the actual project would look like, how long it would last and how many recipes to test but I've figured it out and the answer is however many I chose to do throughout the year as well. Sometimes though life or other commitments got in my way or you just need a break.

To Review:

I set out at the beginning of this month to tackle two recipes a month and for January I already have surpassed that- making a total of FIVE recipes (can you believe it!). Which when you look at January that's almost one recipe per week (AWESOME!)

Baked Cinnamon Sugar Donuts,
not quite like the original picture but good enough
All in all, it has been a great challenge so far and a way to keep me productive and positive.  The trick so far with success is in choosing recipes that create a challenge yet are easy enough to take on with some assistance or none in future attempts. So with that said I haven't mastered complex dishes yet but with each attempt I've learned new things that add to my kitchen capabilities.

Anyways, I look forward to what February may bring while for now I'm reflecting and enjoying the successes of January. Which to round out the month I made Baked Mini Cinnamon Sugar Donuts (on my own!) which may be posted later on in more detail and waffles for brunch. 

For now,
The Messy Baker

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