Don't judge a cookie by it's crumble: More experimenting in the kitchen and today's recipe

The Recipe: Oatmeal Cookies (via:, look under my board "baking recipes" (

When you are first starting out it can seem quite intimidating, and may take a lot of courage and practice before feeling competent in the kitchen. As with anything, there's much uncertainty in how it will come together, which is much like starting a new project for the first time. So a little faith can go a long way in helping keep a positive attitude. It does get more easier, and I've learned that the more you try out new techniques or re-attempt the recipes the more confident you'll get. It also takes a fair bit of patience and practice- patience in just waiting for the recipe/baking to be done; and practice in executing the experience itself. It may not be right away that you'll get it right, sometimes it can take 12 recipes/attempts for your baking to turn out picture perfect. (Hear that Kylie, have patience you'll get it eventually).

When attempting something new it can be easy to have high hopes for success, and even easier to become discouraged- I know I face those nervous thoughts before beginning- but having faith in yourself and abilities definitely helps in continuing on and not becoming discouraged. For me, it's determination. I set out how to learn to bake, enjoy the process of making something delicious out of different ingredients and the pride felt from sharing that with others. I'm also determined to learn more and truly be comfortable and confident inside the kitchen. They may not be always be the perfect batch of cookies, or turn out how you would have liked but the trick is all in how you learn from and view the experience that defines it. Whether it's called a "success" or "failure"  is entirely up to you. You could even just call it "a fun experience" to be gentle on yourself in the beginning stages. Whatever you do- and I'm writing this as a reminder to myself- don't give up, be proud of what you've accomplished, take what you've learned from this one and apply that lesson going forward in other attempts.

As I write this, a little chant comes to mind (that I learned from a mentor) which is: "There is no right. There is no wrong... We bake, I bake, you bake." (I changed the last bit to make sense in this context). This is what I learned, and am passing on to you.

From one baker to another
Best baking,
Kylie (The Messy Baker)

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