January's Plan- Mastering the Art of the Kitchen!

There is nothing better than the feeling of preparing your own meal for the first time. That sense of accomplishment when it is finished simmering, and baking, along with the pride that comes from saying "I made this myself." This which was once potatoes, leeks and water now is deliciousness, now is soup. This which is the feeling I want out of trying this crazy experiment for a month, and growing myself from a beginner baker to home cook and more experienced baker fuels my determination in taking on such a challenge. Along with pride, my new cookbook "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" by Julia Child, Simone Beck and Loiusette Bertholle and perhaps some other inspiration, might just inspires this flourish of excitement in the kitchen rather than dread and intimidation.

(See picture on the right)

This is where I'll be keeping track of new recipe ideas to try, how I plan to maneuver them and the ones I've done- successes, failures and all but let's not think about those (yet). When referring to it in later days, it will be called a recipe log.  I am sure there are several versions out there to do, and methods of putting it together but sticking with the creative theme I went with one that has a plain cover (which I designed later myself), and blank pages (unlined) to get as creative or not as I wish. This will help me when writing about said experiences to go back to, and review my thoughts on it for useful blogging fodder.

First recipe: A Potato and Leek Soup. (Delicious!) turned out surprisingly tasty and easy to make with some help I was also able to make and bake biscuits while the soup was simmering.  I counted both as done and into my recipe log they went.

Recipes done so far: 3.

That's it for now,
The Creative Cooker and Messy Baker- Kylie

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