Choose Your Inspiration and Medium

My Thoughts on Resources: 

Here's an interesting tidbit, and perhaps this is just me thinking about it, but there seems to be a lot more options out there to find inspiration. You can look online if you're tech-savvy or at least familiar surfing the internet. Or go to the library to test out possible cookbooks/how to books on knitting before buying more books or if you don't have anymore room on your bookshelves for more inspiration. There also has come great inspiration through magazines, many that are filled as well with interesting articles, information, interviews and tips from the experts and most recently you can borrow back issues from the library these days so there's no need to worry about filing those either. Though,  if you are like me and find yourself with absolutely no room to store more magazines or books and can't quite find the time to borrow from the library Pinterest is full of inspiration too. I won't blame you for preferring it as an online resource over print (that's the way it seems to be going anyways). I have gotten a lot of my first recipes off of Pinterest, simply because it so convenient and easy to store/file these ideas. The good ones I'll print out if I plan on trying in the near future, others I'll save onto a Word Document or put on my Pinterest board for baking. Either way, all is stored on my computer and taking up less space on my shelves.

There are 100s of videos on Youtube demonstrating tutorials on how to get yourself out of any sticky wicket (as I found when wanting to know how to correct dropped stitches in knitting.)

With that said, it can become information overload particularly if you are just starting to take up "said" pastime and want to know the best places to find inspiration and tips. For me, I'm just exploring these things and find myself going between good old fashioned magazines and books-
which have been around forever- or the online world (particularly Pinterest). The world is our oyster when it's come to finding inspiration online and off; with so many possibilities and ways of gathering new ideas it can be a challenge not to get caught up in the doing that. Which is why whenever there's the chance to I'm determined to test out at least one new recipe-.

To help out  I'll put my resources page links below- where I keep track of what I made and where the recipe came from for future use- if you are interested.

Creativity Resource Pages Links: Creative Resources and Recipes in Review

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