March Madness with Pastels (and a possible future field trip!)

Guess what?!? March has quickly approached and I can hardly believe it. All at once I'm nervous and excited, eager and anxious to get started. It's form of creativity is learning how to use pastels. I chose pastels as a medium for a few good reasons. Firstly, I have selected a mentor who works in that medium to help me learn a few techniques and tricks along the way. Secondly, they are easier to maneuver than paints or water colours and hopefully less mess to clean up. Still. Yikes! Although this was my chosen medium as with any of these experiments and experiences it's still new. So to prepare for the iminient month of March I've been amping up and doing some experimenting on my own. With supplies at hand I've been trying different abstract shapes and idea, shading, blending and smudging, rubbing, grunting and learning.  This is a messy craft! Which has helped me know how to plan out March when it arrives- as I write this it's a day away-.

"The Spark"- an original Pastel by Me 2017 ©
I'm also inclined to believe that the past two months, and how I approached them has helped each month prepare for the next. Success to me has meant to me an openness to learn and grow from these experiences that has further expanded. Therefore successful experiences are those I've learned from, embracing the end results but enjoying the process and having fun. With that a fierceness taken over, with a new determination.

I haven't claimed to be the next great baker or world's most skilled knitter so why expect to be Picasso on the first few attempts. All I am claiming to be is me, and do my best to enjoy, and learn all I can while in the process.

Inspiration- an original pastel by: Kylie, 2017©
This is only one part of the plan to make March as success- there's other steps to come that I am still figuring out but I trust in time they will be revealed.

The two pieces here are of my own imagination, and I'm quite proud- not only did they come out looking neat but that I was brave enough to try on my own. Let that be this posts lesson: Never be afraid to try.

For now,
Nifty Knitter, Messy Baker and The Imperfect Pastelist (Kylie)

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