Just one more stitch: An introduction to February's Creative Endeavour

Early insights, pleasure and obsessions in knitting

Well... guess what, we are now officially in the month of February which means it's time for my next added challenge. In full admittance I was skeptical of this months plan- mainly it being knitting- and the success rate but leading up to the month and new creative experience I summoned up all my courage, openness and patience potentially needed to make it a positive one. The project (since you only need one to keep busy and learn) is a simple scarf and bought supplies yesterday (there's no backing out once you have what's needed) all set to take up my first lesson (with my Aunt).

The knitting itself at first seemed intimidating and finicky, the type of thing that I thought might need all my patience but actually turned out quite well as it turns out I'm quite the natural at knitting despite popular concerns (including my own). As I first those first few stitches on the row, then the next few came I surprised even myself with how much easier it seemed. "Okay." I thought "I can do this." and here's the proof---> (picture set at right hand side and down on post). I think the month of knitting, and continuing to bake won't be so bad after all.

With that I couldn't help but find myself addicted to continuing on, eager at any chance to complete just one more row and one last stitch only to get a little further in my project and see it come along. I can't help it, I love that it keeps my hands busy and has a repetitive technique. Although there is a technique to it, once you understand it, it becomes quite simple. After all I may have only started this past Wednesday (February 1st) and already I find myself wanting to do one last row and one last stitch.

Scarfs... anyone?

Here's some insight from an experienced knitter:

  • For beginners when picking needles choose 4.5 to try out and allow yourself to get comfortable using the needles. Once comfortable you can purchase bigger needles to take on future projects or if you're finding your first set are too small.
    • Also the type of needle makes a difference. As a beginner for myself I've chosen bamboo needles that seem to provide a better grip from your stitches to hold onto versus metal/stainless steel needles that will be more slippery *also bamboo is recommended for arthritis hand.
  • The yarn matters too, suggested brands are regular Patons or Paton's Worsted (the brand I am using is Classic wool) in a medium thickness- nothing too fancy or thin. Refer to the back of wool paper for dimensions, # of stitches, # of balls of wool needed for your required projects such as hats, scarfs or sweaters. It can act as a guide as you progress on your project.
  • If you are working on a project that requires more than one ball of wool be sure to check the dye lot numbers match exactly to the first ball. The balls themselves at first glance may look the same but upon closer look the colour consistency will be slightly off. It is most noticeable in sweaters but important to learn for any project and future projects.
  • Finally, don't believe everything they say about knitting. Try it out for yourself first then be the judge.
That's it for now,
the Krazy Knitter Kylie

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