The "Why"&"The Why for Me."

So it occurred to me just now that I've mentioned the "how" and "what" of the creative challenge but hadn't really explained the "why", which I'm realizing is the most important part of the whole thing. If there's no particularly compelling reason for me to do it for myself than is it still really worth. Also you may be wondering what spurred this sudden burst of "I'm going to take on something different throughout the year."

Well my friends, I figured out it's actually pretty simple. I am doing this to help me stay positive, creative and inspired at times when I am frustrated and am feeling stuck, or bored or uninspired. This is a way for me to create my own source of JOY in life when it may be tricky to point to in other areas. It's also a way for me to stay inspired when the weeks are long, and I don't really feel like writing that much. I'll have several other outlets I can turn to, to keep the juices flowing. At this point, I'm going to add in that referring back to this reason will be important in instances where I may struggle to keep with it, or feel as if I'm falling behind or get just plan stressed out. This post will be a reminder to what it's really all about the why is just as important as the rest. I'm doing this for me because I like interesting challenges, love creating and have a curious mind. It's supposed to be fun, stress-free (there's too much stress in life already to add on to) and an experience. NOT another stressor, that leads to frustration or feeling overwhelmed but help in taking on those frustrations in life.

Second reason:  To let my creative geniuses run free and wild amongst the terrain of ways to create- which grows each month (we started with writing, then grew to baking and now have entered in knitting and eventually pastel artwork). Allowing them to be happy, so I can be as the saying should go "Happy geniuses, happy life".

There you have it. The Why. I told you it would be simple, but it's explanation enough for me. The key is sticking to those reasons and not letting this become a stressful endeavour, that leads to frustration. So far, so good though as long as I remember my own "why". 

That's it for now,

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