Recipe Review: Baked Cinnamon Sugar Mini Donuts

So in honour of my month of baking wrapping up (although not ending), and as way to test my progress as a blossoming baker I decided to take on a completely NEW type of recipe, one that is not muffins, cakes, or cookies. A donut recipe a first for me both in baking and doing. As I did this one all on my own for the first time. So exciting, little intimidating and greatly adventurous undertaking- nothing like proving to yourself the skills learned have paid off.

Earlier during that day- which was two weeks ago- there was an initial plan to do with supervision but on a whim and a burst of energetic confidence I found myself ready to dive right into this endeavour while the inspiration lasted. So out the necessary equipment and ingredients came in flusters of activity and preparations. It wasn't the ideal way to prepare for baking but when taking the first leaps into solo baking experiences there's also a great deal of nervousness that comes with the territory. And a lot more to consider.. that's for sure.  Regardless, I found faith in myself one part at a time I figured it out and followed the predetermined steps.

As the pre-baking-first-time-solo-attempt nervousness dissipated a sudden burst of excitement and big boost of confidence kicked in it's place. I was actually doing it, baking all on my own. I could hardly believe it and the more I stuck with the recipe and put it together the more confident I became.  The recipe itself was one of simple steps and basic ingredients you may already have in your cupboard- baking powder, salt, flour with the exceptions being granulated sugar and perhaps cinnamon. The rest was just putting it all together and surprising my family with a delicious dessert.

*Few substitutions I used: to grease the muffin trays I used shortening instead of butter or oil (no difference to the final outcome), and instead of salt, sea salt (again didn't seem to affect the recipe).* Also this recipe was good, because if you don't have the donut tray, mini muffin trays work just as well, that's what I used.*

Over all rating: four spoons, totally doable on your own with some good experience!

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